About Joni Ruttenbur

Joni Ruttenbur, PMP, is a management consultant and program manager based in Santa Clara, California. She graduated in 1999 from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor of science in business information systems. Hired in May 2000 by PeopleSoft, Joni Ruttenbur initially served as project manager for customer satisfaction and quality systems. She became director of operations for the company’s global customer services and director of solutions delivery for global customer operations.

In 2005, Joni Ruttenbur took a position with Kaiser Permanente as a manager and accepted a promotion as director of business infrastructure within eight months. In this role, she oversaw more than 25 project managers and coordinators. In addition to organizational leadership, her duties involved process governance, strategic portfolio planning, and resource management.

Joni Ruttenbur thereafter became a senior program manager for Blue Shield of California’s Business Transformation eBusiness, before taking a position as a consultant with Caleb Acuity. She recently contracted in a management capacity with NetApp, where she contributed to a CFO training project aimed at expanding skill sets and expertise.


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